What Is Love?

What is love

Love is a chemical reaction


Love isn’t black eyes and bruised cheeks

Love is gentle caresses and soft kisses on Sunday mornings


Love isn’t the constant fear of your partner cheating on you

Love is knowing that they won’t, and trusting them when they say they had a late day at the office


Because if you love them you trust them, and if they love you they will never break that trust


Love isn’t saying you’ll kill yourself if they break up with you

Love is understanding that you can’t force someone into a relationship they don’t want to be in


You should never feel trapped in a relationship

Instead of a cage you should be in a field

or the clouds


Because that should be butterflies in your stomach

Not the fear of them coming home and hurting you


Love is not staying out all night with your partner because they guilted you

Love is staying in and cuddling up in your pajamas


Love is waking up to their smile and knowing that’s what you want to see every morning


Love is laughing when they fall asleep during a video call that lasted maybe a little too long


Love is not regretting that video call lasting until 3 am because you know the laughs you released will be remembered for so much longer than sex or a night at some club that you probably can’t even remember the name of


Love is not seeing them light up another cigarette in front your kids

Love is seeing them light up a room with just their eyes because to you there is nothing more beautiful


To be in love is not to desire only their touch and the sight of them naked but instead to also adore what cannot be felt or seen

You should never doubt their love when you have a healthy relationship, you should never feel like they only want your body. When you’re in love with someone you must also love yourself because if you don’t you will rely on them for that validation and when they leave, because trust me, they’ll leave, you will be left with nothing. You will feel the most supreme sadness because now you don’t have anything left to love.


Love is not the jealousy of seeing your partner talk to someone else

Love is understanding that they have things they must take care of and sometimes that doesn’t involve you


Love is not having to be naked for them to pay attention to you

Love is feeling naked in front of them because you show your truest, most vulnerable self


What is love?

Love is so much more than a chemical reaction


Love is hope

Love is trust

Love is life

Love is laughing

And crying

And then laughing again


Love is love

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