Learning to Love Me, Myself and I

Me, Myself and I.

Everyday, I wake and try

One step at a time.

Everyday, I wake and cry

One time, I was small

And carefree, lovely, and kind

I was just...

Me, Myself and I.

But that former self grew up,

changed like the crisp leaves of fall time,

crumbling to the ground,

waiting for a chance at renewal.

Trambled on and beat up,

tired and rugged

I was just...

Me, Myself and I.

Through the tough times...

Through the best times...

I grappled with 3 words:

I love you (Me, Myself, I).

My mistakes weighed on my self image,

blurring the painting I saw within

externally, I was crippled, depressed, and loathing.

As I get older, I have learned to breath

1, in and out

2, in and out

3, in and out...






My mistakes are not me 

My shortcomings are not myself

My flaws are make make "I" so unique.

Everyday, I wake and smile

Knowing that life is worth living for a long while.

Growing up, glowing and renewed.

Me, Myself and I .

(I Love You.)

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