Crashing Men

She saw the waves crash a storm against cheeks
Cracking hurricanes into men's eyes
Droplets of rain trickled endlessly into puddles of veins
Creating a reserve of rainy day puddles to look back on.
It takes oceans of days to find someone you love
But it took her a splatter of a day to know she would 
Love him more than any other sand soaked person.
He fell like hail onto her crisp paper
Drenching her words in ink.
Love hit her like snow melting against the warmth on his side of the bed
She knew she would always love the feeling of water trailing down her tears.
He kissed her flesh to burn a trail into underwater caverns
Leaving a page of lustful words on chilled skin
He would sip from her dreams each day
Just to taste a small drop of her insecurities
He taught her lessons of light that she had yet to understand
How her pain was key to feeling human 
She would breathe a whisper of his name on lips
To drive monsters back to bays
As rivers and lakes swallowed planets and moons
Her sun would rise to greet that warmth of smiles stretched across his eyes
He would shiver at night, naked against inquisition
they would wrap arms into each other's blankets
Quietly whispering as the sun rose about nothing
No matter how close he stood to her brightness
He would still feel alone
Though only occasionally 
She shook earthquakes into his memories  
She was a passionate person who would burn fires into men's soul at a glance
She stole anger into love to turn pebbles into rocks
Turning soft spoken men into bright baubles of florescent pens
He turned from lesser ink into the glow in the dark stars on her bright night skies
They saw each other with bright blue souls instead of dark brown eyes
He wanted to marry her beauty 
Not her smiles or sill eyes
But her deep dark inside that held a beauty she would never begin to understand
They would buy from Poseidon a bucket of waves to share
To keep the horizon hidden away 
So maybe they could be the only special ones to see nature love each other
After all these years the sun still lights up the earths eyes
The rivers became her home as she stood stark
Against the noise and broken worlds
Just so she could have another place to call home
With him.
People act as though existing means obligations
Obligations to be heard
When in reality to be heard is implied
She spoke of oceans often
Of walking with waves to crest over dolphins
Of standing bear in salt runs as wounds burned 
He stood in her mind like a permeant fixture
Similar to lamp posts
And old houses
Always there
Yet rusty
Her lips were fire that burned bright on his skin
She told honesty to men and burned love 

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