The World

The world has lost its innocence,

Because of our incompetence.

The bright new minds turn dull and grey,

The beauty inside just fades away.

Kids have learned more then they should know,

With too much poison they can't grow.

The world is like a house of cards,

ready to fall if blown too hard.

Why can't the world be like it was,

is there more answers then just because?

Our world is full of selfish pride.

Words are twisted and are tied.

Our unraveled world needs a hem,

The tailor we need is a gem.

We are deaf to the cries of the poor,

while we have homes and wanting more.

What we can't have is what we want.

The devil is prepared to taunt.

The world is like a fading light,

Once so beautiful once so bright.

How did we get in such a mess?

When will we leave this emptiness?


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