Alice in Wonderland

Thu, 03/22/2018 - 16:42 -- stik13

I come to seek a

Great Perhaps

In a world where I can be okay

i'll confess my sins

and won't dwell on the cut communication

i won't Divide the world into versions of me or You

caressing my skin with your ghost-like knives

the Frantic tapping of my feet

running as far away from myself as i can

all my old Historians come to the same conclusion

Philosophic decisions discussed over dinner

splitting the halves of me you want

with what i have

sent me to them

conquered all of me i could Find

planets swirl

paint Splatters whiz by

dirty shoes slap against the downward 

spiral of my Soul

the growing Delirium of the Cat

Time passes

it's--quiet Here

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