"Laugh," they said. So

"Laugh," they said. So I faked a laugh.
"Smile," they said. So I threw out a blank smile.
"Joke around," they said. So I made a joke about everything I'm going through.
"Open up," they said. So I started writing in my journal.
"Lighten up," they said. So I stopped eating so much.
"Act like you have feelings," they said. So my depression began taking over.
"Do something that makes you feel better about yourself," they said. So I began to tear my skin.
"Get some friends," they said. So I began talking with the demons that haunted me.
"Show the real you more," they said. So I began letting my scars show.
"What is that?" They asked. "The real me..." I answered.
"Stop doing that! It's embarrassing!" They yelled, "Where is the daughter I raised?" 
I looked at you with my empty eyes and answered, "Gone..."
They laughed and spoke again, "Liar! Start being happy again!"
But that's the thing. I'm not happy.
 I never was


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