Indifferently Strung Out

Thu, 05/30/2013 - 21:56 -- Chydia


United States
38° 55' 18.5664" N, 76° 59' 39.0372" W

I realize that I'm free from you
But in reality, do I want to go?
Your love an addiction I could not resist
Still suffering from the scars that don't show

I know that it's best if I leave
But the frustration of it all makes me scream and shout
Your love is like smoking, your love is my drug
I'm definitely addicted, I'm definitely strung out

But I think it's worth it all
All the damage and all the pain
Masked by my confused feelings
Satisfaction to my heart, I do gain

I've been told if I don't let you go
There will be no more damage to repair
For you will one day destroy who I am
What I am, leaving my world in tears

But I' m okay with that, for I would have LIVED
Lived knowing I fed my addiction
No regrets,accepted affliction
It was true, their prediction

And still I can't see the loss
I would have changed nothing
I guess my lesson was untaught
At the end of the day I've lost all and learnt nothing



strongly written, I think ive been there and felt this


Thanks a lot  for the feedback

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