Daddy Daughter Memories

Daddy Daughter Memories 


You have good memories you have bad ones. But the ones that stick are bad ones. I have never understood why they do, but they do. 

 Theres only those bad memories that stick for as long as they do.   You miss your father and you miss his good side. But you are always remembered that he isn’t who you thin the is. He’s a cheater, liar, but most of all your daddy.  Your memories with your daddy are those that should be happy, but thats just not what it turns out to be. All your Daddy Daughter Memories are….   bad, and they stick. They stick for as long as they do.   When you think about anything good with your father it ends in something bad. Your father has always been the one you try to please. When he isn’t pleased things go south.  You get told “I Love You!”…. “I will Always be there.”…. “Don’t worry I got it.”   But truth is he doesn’t do the things he says he’s gonna do. It seems that he only things about himself.   So now all your good memories are worthless to think about because they end bad anyway. What else is there to live for when you seem your father has just left you.  You question yourself if life is even worth living but truth is, it is. Don’t give up just because your daddy daughter memories are….  Bad, and they stick. They don’t go away unless you do something about it.  Don’t let your feeling control your life. Your fathers a piece of crap so be it. Your not him. Your, yourself. Do what you want to do not what your father expects from you.   All those memories won’t be nessasary to think about anyways. because when it come down to it you will be there seated by his side when he dies.   Because you love him. But you hate him. 

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