I've been having writers block lately.


When I was eleven, I knew what I was going to do and how I was going to get there.

I wrote because the world looked better through my eyes.

I wrote because I had seen all the magnificence and all the flaws in a faultless way.

And I published all the pain and the change and the anonymous I had endured; I could compose a verse.

And then I died.

I like to think of my death as an audacious affair; I was known for my statements.

I probably went down in a fight, dying as I lived, on my own terms.

I went young too, I was around thirteen.

And my last piece was about a love lost, and I think everything after that is what killed me.

Or maybe I just drowned in my own sorrow.


Nowadays I’ve been living the past years as a ghost, not really sure why I’m writing or what I’m trying to find. The writer’s block serves as a barricade, preventing me to travel on to the next plane and everything that is left to see is mostly a blur, the same sob story with different characters.

I can no longer compose a note, the symphonies I wrote before are now just a legacy.

A monotonous piano narrates my story in the same melody but it is not the sound of joy that it once was a long time ago.

And I sit there, and I wonder if I can ever rest peacefully or if I will ever find my muse again, if I can ever see the world as I did before.

The writer’s block eats me up and spits me out every time I try and I know this because the flashing cursor is haunting me.

So I give up,

And that’s what I’m known for.


this is the first I’ve written in over two years, and it is far from beautiful.


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