Hand me a pair of scissors

I’ll cut the steel ropes

That led straight to your heart

At least I’ll try

If only I could get closer to you

That end of the rope is the thinnest

Months ago our ropes were made of stainless steel

Months past, somehow they’ve rusted over

Look over to the passenger side and no one is there

When did you decide to stop pretending to care?

I’m sorry if I came on too strong

I didn’t want to lose you

But my fault, I made you a loss

A movie in my head

Turned into a show that everyone could see

Even the worst things were meant to be

Patching up problems

Only creates more holes

You weren’t really one for feelings

So I guess I’ll never know

Someday someone might ask me

“What was it like?”

And I’ll say,

“Getting stabbed knowing everyone but you saw the knife”

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