Last Call

With this being our last moment together, whether or not you know it.

I owe it to you to be as honest as possible, but that's impossible to do and not hurt you.

Too many women already walking this world pissed off by they last man.

Left with everlasting pain and shock then again you a soldier you could take it.

We were set to be forever or maybe not cause not all relationships were meant to last.

Standing the test of time is a constant grinding neither one of us was ready to put the work in for.

The jaws if life split us apart but you'll have a special place in my heart.

You were my ride or die when it was do or die can't forget that but now we sleep back to back

, instead going back to back through the night. These fights draining me slowly at a rapid pace. 

You entice me with the chase to be someone I wasn't open to the world.

Usually calm, quite and reserved but for you was calm, loud and proud.

Your essence evidence that every great man has a great woman behind him.

Curled up next you is where I should be, but we couldn't get out our own way.

It's sad to say we won't ever meet again but this has to be.

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