Always and forever, A promise to the naive

Mon, 05/04/2015 - 17:40 -- cermar

I promise to help you when your down.
I promise to give you love when your sad.
I promise to brush the tears away when you can't.
I promise to hug you when you need comforting.
I promise to be there when you need a friend.
I promise to be here to send you off with a smile.

I'll always and forever be here for you, I promise.


I promised didn't I?

I promised I'd help you up but never said I wouldn't put you down.
I promised to give you love but never said I wouldn't take it away.
I promised to brush the tears away but never said who put them there.
I promised I'd hug you but never said how fast.
I promised I'd be there when you need a friend but never said I'd be there waiting.
I promised I'd smile when you leave but never said it wasn't fake.

I promised I'd always be there for you didn't I?

Well, Did you think I really meant that?

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