Good and Bad

I am from Cadiz,

from the ¨gator pond¨

next to my torn down trailer.

I am from dangerous bike rides,

dodging trees.

From climbing rock cliffs

and pulling off ticks.

I am from crazy golf cart rides,

that throw me into the ¨ditch of thorns¨.

From my basketball star cousin

(everywhere was a court to him)

I am from fishing hooks

and snapping turtles

from catching frogs

and hay in my hair.

I am from Nita up the hill,

comforting me after

my grandparent's divorce.

I am from cousins everywhere,

and playing Tripoly with them all.

I am from vodka filled sippy cups,

slurred words

abusive father figures

and a slut of a father.

I am from a heart-broken family,

and a screaming mother.

I am from my firsts,

my first love,

a beautiful brown-eyed girl.

I am from my first crush,

my first kiss,

my first time getting high.

From kissing a girl

behind my grandma's house

on Thanksgiving.

My first time

making love,

then losing her,

after a year.

My first heartbreak...

I'm from it all. 

It made me who I am,

and maybe, 

I like who I am.






This poem is about: 
My family


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