Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Liar, Liar pants on fire


“Mama,” her body began to spark more and more with each step

“I’m going to Emily’s house,” her eyes began to glow hungry for fuel

“I should be home by midnight,” her lips began to sparkle starting from the corners till her pout

“I just need to study,” and then her chest imploded. The skin stretched and the bones broke until her body lay array. Growing wider and wider consuming everything in its path. From thoughts, to promises, to virtues.

Her clothes jumped off her body hoping not to be caught a flame

She was destruction that ruined fields and mountains until only soil remained.

She was heat that melted hearts until molded to her desire.

She was danger that lurked within each family until displayed with force.

Her words were not her own but of lightning that struck a dried meadow.

Her motions were not of her control but at will at old forest fuel.

But yet she bended fire so effortlessly. Igniting a lighter and having the sparks jump glowing a subtle orange causing pipes to sparkle and bronchioles to implode.

She was scared of suicide but welcoming of death.

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