Blood and Tears

I lie in bed awake at night
Empty inside
Wanting to grab onto something
But not knowing what

Lonely and hurt
Tears of joy one morning
But sadness creeps
Back into your blood at night
So many losses for one heart to take

Trying to go through the day
Busy and surrounded by friends
Having fun and being young
But every once and a while you’ll feel it
Your delicate heart breaking all over again

Smile through your face
While your soul screams from inside
Trying desperately to talk
But what’s to say when deaf ears
Are listening

There have been moments when your
Presence has touched my soul
I feel you in the breeze
Re-live your joys in the songs of birds
And remember your skin in the sun’s soft warmth

Pulled apart over my lost love
I can’t help remembering the many joys
And instantly feeling sorrow for not having the ability
To live more experiences with you
Your knowledge will forever impact my decisions.

Nevertheless I still have a need to talk
Who’s to call when I’m up?
Thinking about you and being helpless
Over my breaking heart
I try to silently tell others

With hopes they ask me what’s the matter
But instead, they believe my façade
That’s not what I need
I’m still hurt and lonely
Crying blood and bleeding tears

The gentle touch of a hand
I feel like I’m under a glass cage
The occasional friendly hug
But I want intent
Meaning and sincerity

I feel so lost and can’t even find comfort
Nowhere to go, nowhere to turn
Everyone’s watching with cold eyes
But the one is different
He will care because he’s my missing part

In a time so dark I need you
I need your touch, your care
So many loses, I can’t lose myself again
I can’t do this alone… I need you
We have to find each other

When will I find the one?
The one who warms my heart
And calms my mind
I need you
More than ever

I cry for you
I’d bleed for your
I miss you


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