Tribute to Mom and Dad

Trapped in an asylum of comfort and love

I’ll never truly know what I’m capable of

Sorry Mom, I leave you behind

But you have a piece of my heart worth

A collection of lifetimes.


The walls of my rooms have seen my life

The tears and sorrows of people from a time

Where I thought life was not worth living

When the going got rough

When I never knew what I was truly capable of.


My pillow filled with an ocean of tears,

I’ve drowned in sorrows and despairs 

Because I believed that in my times of fears

No one would ever be there.


Was I wrong? I ask myself today,

I was never truly alone.

But the people I know, who love me the most

It is their time to see me go.


Go... the distance 

A place nowhere near,

Exploring the mosaic mirage of music and menace.

But at times the distance is what I fear.


Fear of the unknown or the fear of being lost?

It’s still unclear,

As I lose myself in a world filled of pain and suffrage 

But... my time is here.


Sorry dad, sat upon your lap

Is a photo book of many memories you will never get back.

I take them with me in my mind and they stack

Upon a number of lessons I learned in “class”.

Life, I’ve notice, upholds lessons you cannot teach

But ones I must learn,

In the moment,

The heat. 


But thank you,

For providing me a roof over my head

And the ground under my feet

For the knowledge I hold 

And the religion I seek.

Close to my heart is where the photo book stays

As I learn more of life’s lessons, I hope to show you a new one someday.


To tell the tales of a life I’ve lived

The one you started

But the one I must end.

As the experiences hold more keys to locked doors

I will be able to show the world more...


More, what? 

That I’m not sure,

But give it time, 

And we’ll all know more.




This poem is about: 
My family



I love it. 


Thank you!

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