Break My Heart

As hard as it would be to hear it, sometimes I wish you would just have the guts to say how you feel,

Because you and I both know that it is what is real.

I know you want to tell me to leave you alone,

And sometimes when I text you, I wish that you wouldn't answer the phone.

Because I hate to admit it, but I get so excited when I see my phone light flash,

But when I see that it isn't you, all of those feelings suddenly crash.

On that rare occasion that your name pops up on my screen,

All of those feelings come rushing back, and they remind me of how things might have been.

Or how they once were when we first met,

When I didn't know that I would fall in love with you yet.

And I know that I will never be able to let you go,

Because every time that we talk, the only thing that happens if my feelings for you grow.

As much I want to talk to you, and every time something happens, you are the first person that I want to tell,

And I know that with every time we connect it keeps me under your spell.

With you being nice to me, nothing is ever going to change,

But not having you in my life would feel strange.

Because when we met, I never knew how much you would mean to me,

And I can't keep you as your friend, and I will never be free.

But part of me still dreams that one day it will be you,

And I will always want it to be you, after everything that we have been through.

As much as it pains me to say, ignore me, or tell me to leave you alone, or please, just finally break my heart,

Because you can't just be friends with someone that you have loved from the start.


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