don't let the dreamers die, art lives forever

Look at all the rainbows in the water 

She said 

As she stared 

Look at all the blues held in the skyline 

She said 

As she dreamed 

Here let all my visions fly 

Let me just paint the sky 

But they said 


There’s nothing to the sky

And blue’s just a waste of time 


Cause she’s just seventeen

With big beautiful dreams 

Being broken by those 

Filled with fire 


Can you hold that pose for just a moment 

He said 

As he stared 

Let me press record, capture the movement 

He said 

As he saw 

The blue moment locked in her eyes 

The sadness behind her smile 

They said 


Your vision’s not good enough 

Give up before it gets rough 


Cause he’s just seventeen 

With broken dreams 

being drowned by those 

who hold the tides

This poem is about: 
Our world


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