Empty World

I have been put down

In the harshest of ways

And I cannot frown

Because it is not you who deserves the blame.

They say I can find a better girl in a snap
and fill that empty gap
and although that may be true,
she will never be you.

And, you see,

it is just a pain that leaves me empty,

But my world does not end, as it still offers plenty.

And I can no longer wait for something that will never happen

as my love will begin to lose its passion.

And despite it being the only thing I want,

This love has become a concept that does nothing more than haunt.

So I carry on

And search for other joys in life instead

But I know I won’t find them until I’m dead.

Still, I go moping out my front door, dragging feet across the floor

looking for the girl that my heart adored.

After many hours, despite it being so pretty,

I found no love within the city.

Yet I continue to search the states and the nation

For my inclination to you will never yield an abdication.

And to purge myself of my sadness,
I went out to explore the planet.

But to my demise,

there's a bit of you in everything I see
From our endless sky, to the bottom of the sea

you are the most beautiful flower in Babylon’s Hanging Garden
As the sight of you makes me feel so heartened

you're the hardest mineral in the ground
and the most elegant gem ever found

Sailors search the seven seas for relics and treasures
Yet only find bits of mold
but I'm willing to go through any measures
to feel your heart of gold

and spacemen search for wonders up in the skies

But little do they know

That the most beautiful universe

Is only found in your ethereal eyes


But I have not forgotten,

You left me without a clue

Cementing the fact that I will never truly have you

And that’s when I knew

that despite how the world offers plenty

some of our hearts are just meant to stay empty

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