We are young, we are naive.

Birth control. 

In school they teach you,

Birth control,

No condom, no baby,

But maybe an std or HIV. 

We are young, we are naive.

We are virgins, who want a bad boy.

Bad boy, he ain't no virgin.

He loves you, he says

Don't you love him? 

Then lay with him, 

let him show you what love is.

But you're not ready for love,

This love hurts. 

He says, you have birth control

I have nothing.

Everything will be just fine. 

So he doesn't stop. 

A month later, you don't bleed.

That bad boy, he lied. 

You tell, he says, 

you get rid of it, you'll ruin my life,

my dreams.

But what about mine? 

I have hopes, I have dreams.

We are young, we are naive.

Now We are 17, 

with a baby, lost in heaven.

That bad boy, that loved you.

He not only hurt you,

But that sweet angel baby too.

That bad boy, You thought you loved.

We are young, we are naive.

Now we are mommies, to sweet angel babies,

Lost in heaven, waiting for us, and their bad boy daddies. 

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