When You Dream Of Suicide

Some dreams are worse than others,

but they're all the same,

a passage to a better life,

it's difficult to explain,

whether by knife or by rope,

either way,

i couldn't cope,

but the sympathy was lacking,

in all the suicides,

i had no fear of dying,

but in the dreams i get so sad,

for my parents to see me end,

the life i could've had,

the dreams show me unemotional about my death,

they make me not fear,

taking my last breath,

but i couldn't handle seeing my friends cry,

what if this suicide,

was just a try,

what if i wasn't dead,

and i woke up alive,

laying on a hospital bed,

i wouldn't be able to face,

my parents and my friends,

thinking i'm a disgrace,

so now it has me thinking,

i'm not scared to die,

but i'm terrified of failing

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