Girls Lonely Lullaby


United States
39° 59' 29.5368" N, 75° 13' 7.446" W

She was the kindest friend I ever had, 
But one I wouldn't say to much about
We'd see eachother on occasion, but she never pushed me
I never felt like she was an evasion to my space 
To my crazy little thoughts

Instead she was the soil to my growth
The seed of my confidence
My flower blooming, bursting with colors
My feet firmly planted 
I walked with pride
My eyes looked at the stars,  Suddenly I felt assured in my stride 

Some nights we stayed up late, our pillows stacking into forts
My eyes twirled like a plane on a rocket
We danced all night laugh until dawn
My stomach would clench in pain from laughing
My eyes watered, and my heart was fluttering with glee

I felt whole around her like she sewed a missing part to me 
We Shared our darkest secrets for long
Become blood sisters
Nothing every felt wrong
I felt so close to home I could cry

I told her my somber life story
She cupped her hands under my chin, and said," I love the way you are don't ever change."

I went to hug her to only bring her nearer
Oddly, She didn't hug back because she was nothing but a mirror

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