Remember When?

Mon, 02/12/2018 - 20:45 -- ddhue

Remember when I was born?

Remember when we went to Las Vegas?

Remember when we went to Chicago,

And you took me to see the mummy at the Field Museum?

Remember when I first saw Abbey?

Remember when you listened to my stories that I played with my toys?

Remember when you stopped going to church?

Remember when you got me

A guitar for Christmas,

But you never taught me to play?

Remember when you would dance

With me in the kitchen

To Supernaut by Black Sabbath?

Remember when we'd go

To Imo's

And you gave us money

To overplay I Shot the Sheriff

On the jukebox?

Remember when you'd pick me up from school?

Remember when it was

My first year of Girl Scouts?

Remember when I was the

Littlest Reindeer at school?

Remember when I first learned how to ride my bike?

Remember when I bought

You fake dog poop for Father's Day,

And you put it in my lunch box?

Remember when you got drunk some nights?

Remember when you were friends

With Greg and he taught us magic?

Remember when I got my

Robin Hood award in archery

For hitting the bullseye?

Remember all the years

I made it onto Math Team

And we brought home

Third, third, and second places

And you were still proud

Even though I didn't ever get

An individual award?

Remember when we got

Dew Drop and Cheerio?

Remember when I made it

Into Willy Wonka, Jr,

Or Annie, Jr?

Remember when I went to my first

Solo vocal competition

And I got a First Superior?

Remember when I went to

Organizational competition for choir

And I got to do the scatting solo

During Blue Skies by Ella Fitzgerald?

Remember when Grandma died

Before the opening night

Of Bye Bye Birdie,

And you both said,

"She won't lose another memory"?

Remember when you introduced

Me to some great eighties bands?

Remember when we watched Twin Peaks?

Remember when you would

Actually watch 13 Going on 30

With me and enjoy it?

Remember when I got into Music Man

At Alton Little Theatre?

Remember my first year of high school?

Remember when we started

Watching Sherlock?

Remember when I fell in love,

And you comforted me

After he broke my heart?

Remember when you danced

To Brainwash by Simon Curtis

And I didn't video it?

Remember when Kitty came home

Then she had the kittens,

Our little Yankee Doodle

And Kettlecorn?

Remember when you let me do VBS

And you said I could get baptised?

Remember when I was Allison

And I had to pretend to be pregnant?

Remember when I had

My Christmas piano recital

That you were so proud of?

Remember when Maeva's opened?

Remember when I got a silver

At State Culinary Competition

And you thought I didn't earn anything

Because I didn't tell you?

Remember when I got to do

That Taste of Home cooking show

And you ran me all around town

Because it was important to me?

Remember when I said I would

Start up a vine channel

Of just you driving and saying stuff?

Remember when my sister

Graduated college?

Remember when I had so much fun

At prom and you and Mom loved

My dress?

Remember when I said I hated you,

But you knew I was just angry?

Remember when you took me

Shopping for a casting rod

Because I wanted to fish?

Remember when said you loved me

Because we were leaving for camp?

Remember when you texted

On Friday night at 11:41 pm?

Remember when you fell asleep

And you never woke up?

If you don't

I always will.


This poem is about: 
My family


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