Trivia Tuesdays

You know, I wrote a poem about Tuesday’s once upon a time

It wasn’t a happy poem

It wasn’t a sad poem either

If anything it was a disgruntled poem

A poem about how Tuesday’s are the worst day of the week

Or perhaps they were

Once upon a time

But somehow you did it

You made me learn to love Tuesday’s

The ugly and inconvenient day of the week

There’s so much I could say about Tuesday’s and I should know

I was born on a Tuesday,

but that was for another poem

This poem is about how you taught me to look forward to Tuesday’s

Not just because I get to see your face

Not just because I get to hear your laugh

Or kiss your lips

Or listen to your voice

Or drive with you down smooth highways

But also because it’s Trivia day

The one day a week we can go to the bar


You buy me a drink and we join humanity.

We join the men, the women, and all others at the gay bar

In fits of laughter and conversation

But first we have to pick a team name

The salon ladies

The no mo Cuomos

The Trivial Pursuit of Happiness

It doesn’t really matter as long as we laugh

As long as the name makes you smile

Sipping from my Long Island Iced Tea

Which you know is my favorite

Which I get every time

because I know you like ordering it.

Just like how I know your favorite wine

Is Sauvignon Blanc

and no matter how much I wish I could keep you with me forever,

That you belong to the city

That she will always be your true love

So although I may be a temporary home

Another season to pass,

I love you

And because I love you I will let you go

Not that it would have mattered

But enough about that

Enough talk about going away

And unrequited love

Let’s talk about trivia

About how Woodstock was my best category

About how Broadway is where I save the day

About the Chicago fire and all the damage that it caused.

Or perhaps we can talk about you

About how 90’s filmography is where you thrive

About how you know more about sports than I ever will

About how we could never win a game of trivia without you

Or that smile

That goofy smile that always makes me smile too

That laugh that always makes me laugh too

And that kiss that makes me never want to stop kissing you.

And I know winning is important to you

And I know I’ll never be important to you.

And I know you’ll never feel the same way that I do about you

But I do look forward to Tuesdays now

And I’d give up every other day

All six other days

To spend one more Tuesday with you

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