Booze lies

Tue, 09/19/2017 - 14:17 -- Neftee

Nothing is free In the grand scheme of things.
But I want your lies tonight.
Broken men have broken courage it's broken
and miss construed.
And I myself am broken.
So let me have your lies
like glue
Fill the cracks
I need your emptiness.
I need your dominance.
Ignorance is bliss,
But i have been awake for years
I need rest,
So let me be your pawn,
For one last night,
Let me get some rest.
I have been a freedom fighter,
But it would be better to just give up
I confess, I tried many times
With no success.
I suppose that my testament
Is less,
for I have lost my edge.
But I gave it my best.
Or not.
At least It
Will soon end.


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