Ice man

     Do you think what you say doesn’t hurtBecause i'm here to tell you it doesYour words are like a hot knifePiercing deeper and deeper with each sentence You think you can say anything through a screenBut in reality you're just a coward Who doesn't like confrontationOr that's what I thoughtWhen confronted you all of a sudden Rely on your fists instead of wordsI never thought I would miss your harsh words And instead of walking away with reassurance Like I had hoppedI walk away all bloody and hurtIt's like you're holding my life in your handsAnd you smother me in themSo maybe i should take my life Would that make you happyWould that make things alrightOf course it would butReading this may be your next victim And i'm here to tell you something so listen upDon't fall for those icy blue eyesOr that chocolate brown hairBecause all that will come out of itIs you meeting your lord and savior Speaking as a person hurt by himIm readyFor god to take my soleTo the place where I may speak no wordsTrust meYou dont wanna be like meLife is a beautiful thingThat you should never want to endBut i doI want it to endI just want to be forgotten  

This poem is about: 
Our world


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