Unknown Secret


United States
27° 14' 31.3548" N, 80° 23' 17.2788" W

No one can know about this secret.
This grotesque secret.
It's become a hobby.
Something done daily.
Something that is yearned.
Something that can become addictive.
Something that can't be stopped no matter how hard is tried.
But when the blade hits bare flesh, the amount of pain has become of no importance,
Because it's enough to make everything else disappear.
The pain is an escape from reality, a break from the chains of the world's series of cruelties.
The pain is so addicting, the wounds become permanent, even if they do heal.
The bruises and scars become an alluring and beautiful masterpiece. Perfect in their own way.
The cuts are a sweet and thankful punishment that is surely deserved.
A reminder that is greatly needed.
The more it's done, the less pain felt and it's become used to the skin and body.
If only that short period of time that this is performed, was enough to change the reality that waits soon after.
Like the moon that comes after the sun.
But either way, the opportunity will never be lost.
It must never be lost..
Even if this mindless action was capable to take life away..


Lady Serena

More and more people have started and still continue to do it..& one of them might even be an unknown poet..awaiting to be discovered.

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