Love Drove Us Down to Hell

You’ve looped yourself around me
You’ve laced yourself through me
You’ve tied your knot inside me
You’re tangled up about me
You refuse to let me go.

Your grip, constricting around me
There, you stand beside me
Watching the life slowly leave me
My body falls limp, and you catch me
Refusing to let me go.

You’re frozen in your stance
My dead weight pulling you into trance
Now that I’m gone, you’re feeling guilty
Admittance dawning, you’re the one who killed me.
You’re falling into hell.

But it’s too late, now, for me
What’s done is done, this life is gone
You can’t untie your noose around me
You can’t, from death to life, retrieve me
Just let go and fall down to hell.

Cradle me as you’re tumbling
As love burns away your heart, still fumbling
And burry me in your suffocating embrace
Beyond ash, to where there is no trace
The two of us, more softly landing
In that tumultuous pit of no abandoning

You stole love when it was unforbidden
Denied future, and Now is Past, unforgiven
You drove us down to the pit of fire
We’re sinking in its lovely, hateful mire
Even this death doth not do us part
But binds us all the closer at heart -

Yes, my love, Love, drove us down to hell.


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