This Crazy Feeling

Always have this thought
Believing that I am lost
Crying uncontrollably trying not to be scared
Dying inside feeling helpless
Expressing is so hard 
Fear of the world and everything that comes with it
Going absolutely crazy
Help is what I need only but i am afraid to speak
Inside I am  dying
Just because people say they understand , i wont Believe it
Kind words and comfort is all i need
Love is so painful yet so beautiful 
Maybe ill overcome this fear
Never was i this scared 
Or do i have to keep living this way?
People will love me for who i am
Questions will turn into answers
Soon it will be alright
Tomorrow may be the day 
Unfortunately it hasn't for awhile
Vulnerable is who I am?
What nonsense I must change!
Why should I change who i am?
Youthful days are coming back  
Zipping through the pain.
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