I see the girl in the mirror.
So good at being me.
But she's not.
I know if I close my eyes, hers will close too.
If a tear rolls down my cheek, one will fall from hers.
I know if I scream, she will cry out as well.
But she is not the same person.
She is better than me.
Stronger than me.
Because even though she screams, it will be for my pain.
Not her own.
If she cries it will be for my loss.
If she closes her eyes, it will be so that she doesn't have to watch my agony.
My suffering is not hers, but she cares enough to feel sorrow for me.
Because my reflection is that of a caring, intelligent, giving person.
Inside, I am evil.
No one sees the real me.
Just the girl in the mirror.
The girl who smiles and laughs to cover up the turmoil inside of me.
The girl who stands between me and the rest of the world.
The girl who protects me every day.
The perfect, amazing, wonderful girl I wish I could be.
But I know I could never be her.
Because I am me.


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