Dear Bully and My Emotions

into an eternal abyss that no one even knows

how far will it take me? how far will i go?

ill let my astral body flow

and let my third eye start to show


he’s coming for me i can’t even take it

my body and mind are surely being split

will my soul even come back and will it even fit?

im still falling in this dark hole i call the devil’s pit


taken for granted i didn’t know he would be so evil

the vibe i get is surely medieval

i look at him in the eye and yell at his altered ego

i tell myself, what am i doing, is it even legal?


i entered the house in which a witch stood upon a chair

she had come back from the dead with long black hair

she told me once to take care

but before she left i wished her magic she would share


i’m never believing in faith and hope again for he destroyed my body

he isn’t even worthy to me, why does he act so godly

if i were to die i’d tell him to leave like i wouldn’t have told anybody

striking my pose and fierce ambition will get my recognition that im somebody


the distance is long in the hallway of tears

im seeing something shine at the end, it seems like a hall of mirrors

my reflection starts to show me all my fears

from the fronts, the sides, and even the rears


i stand tall and remain as i contemplate on astral projection

but i am kind of afraid of eternal rejection

although it’s something that must be an acception

no way in eternity i’ll be living in redemption


i flick my finger not once but twice and show him who is boss

i tell him look at what you’ve done, it’s surely your loss

i’m sure i got the point across

but surely i will make your speech pause


I told myself be gentle, but react when necessary

i just want what’s not so scary

maybe being scared isn’t all that scary

at least it’s better than being very wary 


he never showed me light, but rather a dark darker than black

he told me to stand tall, but instead I fought back

i wondered where i went,

i always caught myself saying “i wish i had me back”


Realize the mistakes that often occur

When you make my emotions so crazily stir

But maybe not to you, but to myself, im sure


if there’s one thing i ask it’s to please me by giving me levitation

i’ll tell you one thing, it’s better than a simple meditation

i want to be a light, so i may cause radiation

a radiation so bright that it would need mediation


think about what he did

come back to me when you’re done being hid

im not a kid

i end this rhyme , with a farwell Forbid

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Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

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