I love You

you say it all the fucking time


Should it mean more than what I feel it does?




I’m sorry, i guess, that your words of love do not reach further than my ears


the words scratch at it, attempting to reach some part of my heart so that some sentiment is conveyed


but it cannot


because those three words mean nothing to you or to me between each other.


You are so angry, so vain


you think that just because you claim to love me I owe you something


i do not


i do not care that you helped raise me


or that i still live under your roof


i love you is supposed to mean something


a phrase that is said only when it should mean something


so why do you say if so many times?


are you afraid that i’ll forget?


That you’ll lose your hold?


too late


i have not forgotten


but i no longer care


your love means nothing to me

particularly because it does not exist

This poem is about: 
My family


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