Glass Prision

Sun, 11/30/2014 - 18:38 -- Seradar


Do you know how it feels to be trapped in a glass prison?

Never the strength to break out

With passions so deep, roots entwined through space

But forced to take a different route

When we come of age, we all find

What passions drive us deep inside

What truly lies at our core, our life,

That we wish to grasp for, regardless of strife

Our greatest joys, laying deep within

On that path we wish to begin


Yet, it is never that simple

We walk a path of pins and needles

Opinions, norms, standards like knives

all attempt to snuff out our lights

And all it takes is one demon causing trouble

To turn our castle of dreams into a pile of rubble

We live in a world of despair, pain and starvation

Yet we mock those who wish to make their own indentation

Who follow a path less traveled


In a world so young, open skies so blue

Don’t knock someone down for trying something different or new

Until then, we must keep these lies

Keep our true selves, trapped inside

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