There's Something About Those Lyrics...

Sat, 05/24/2014 - 17:54 -- Jazzi


Turn on the radio

Max out the volume

Do you love this song?

That song speaks to you

On a level no one can ever imagine


Not the whole song but

Just that one line the artists says

Forget the rest of the lyrics

That one line explains your whole life

It's that one line you listen for


That can bring tears to your eyes

Tears you've been holding back

You're thinking "I'm done with crying"

"I'm tired of this sadness

and I'm tired of this song!"


You take a break from listening 

To the radio or any music




You hear the song while in the car

Oh No! Memories start flashing back

Tears start forming.

You fight them back and tell yourself

You're stronger now.. this song is behind you

And you're right...


You smile and ignore the song

Ignore the memories

Then dances to the next like nothing happened

You did it girl!

You let the past go..


Now it's time to greet the future with a warm smile :)



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