For the Girl Across the Street With a Schedule to Keep

It’s said that the love you take is equal to the love you make.

But no one has ever tried to calculate the intensity of heartbreak.

So you sit in your room and listen to sad songs with candles burning

And try to decide if it was worth it in the end, even though you know

In your broken heart that it was worth every moment.

You replay your last conversation in your head and feel new pain where

The old scars still lie.

The words that sting the most are usually the words that are most true.

You wonder if she ever thinks of you. If she ever misses you.

You wonder if you could ever fix the things that are broken, though you know you never could.

It’s water under burnt bridges.

And the fire that burned those bridges is the same fire that burns your soul when you see her

In the street and you have to fight everything you have to keep from begging her to take you back.

Because you know in the end she will be happier without you.

So you just bite your tongue and pretend your life hasn’t fallen apart without her.

You take the long way home in the car,

And you try to put your life back together.

But in the end it’s like a puzzle with a piece missing.

You know it’ll never be the same.


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