To that Fake Fricking Friend

To that Fake Fricking Friend
I really, truly, hate you
But I love the heck out of you
You are my beautiful baby but girl you are a benevolent bi-
Biscuit tray delivered from Grandma
You left me when I needed you most
You ignored my messages
You ignored my presence
Not for the first time
I did nothing but support you
But lift you up
But be pillars to your greatness
I sacrificed my own well being for the improvement of your own and not once did you bat an eye my way
Now I don't expect thank you's for doing good deeds but I do
Expect a little sympathy I do not
Expect to be painted as the
One that is in the wrong or never doing enough
I did what I could to love you
To cherish you
You were my best friend
And when I missed you I typed that paragraph up quicker than you can say Jack Robinson and I did not hesitate to hit send
But I was a fool to not think that all good things must come to an end


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