Metamorphosis .II

Bright, big smile.
Now pale, cracked lips.
Plump, rosy cheeks.
Now stick out, bony hips.
Sparkling blue eyes.
Now dark circles lie.
Captivating laugh.
Now abhorrent cries.
Prim, polished finger nails.
Now scabbed, scarred wrists.
Used to have a heart of gold.
Now a desolate black pit.
Had everything she ever wanted.
Now nightmares she doesn’t need.
Once a happy kid.
Now a bitter teen.
Dress up games and paper dolls.
Now pain is how she plays.
Band aid covered scabby knees.
Now stitches, her forte.
Imagination used to soar.
Now dying fills her head.
Grateful to be alive.
Now wishing she were dead.
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