Romeo of Verona

Sat, 08/19/2017 - 21:37 -- gabys1

She waits, silently in the lifeless yard. 
The sky that night, dark and starred. 
She lays there, waiting, its getting late. 
When he comes, they'll leave this fate. 


On the other side of Verona, dark and blue. 
The young male gets the lie, the dreadfull news. 
The dark cold yard he sees, he runs through. 
He saw her laying there, their fate did lose. 


In her mind she would wait for him. 
He would set her saddend soul free. 
She heard his steps, his voice sounded grimm. 
"Juliet, Why did'nt you wait for me?" 


She tried to scream out, her lips wouldnt budge. 
His hearts only wish, gone. He had lost his one love. 
He cried out to the dark world, he lost his will to live on. 
He drank the remanents of the potion, until all gone. 


She screams in her mind, "Im alive,Im alive" 
He stumbles to the ground. Death is near she knows. 
She sees his breath, he has'nt yet to die. 
She stares at him, his last breathe blows. 


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