Dark Feelings In Dreams

                                             Have you ever had a dream?

A nightmare, to good and then evil. 

It's like eating something really sweet over and over again

As time passes the sweet is rotten, slowly going away, 

The sweet has been disappeared forever gone.

Slowing feel pain in dreams Then becomes reality,

What if dreams is a second life......

Hiding....Secretly hiding.....

Is drteams a fake life that just is a daydream without us evern being warned?


I don't know

I can't tell between,

Reality and Dream.


I both have pain in dreams and reality

But in dreams, 

Constantly over and over of pains of death.

Reality only once,

There's no rewind button, No take backs.

This isn't the movies and just be forgiven or bruises healed easily,

Or come back to life JUST LIKE THAT!


To me

From 10 years ago (6 yrs old)

till now senior year (17 yrs old)

All have a common

Just like reality and dream



When I'm awake 

Reality takes over

But as I close my eyes....


A deep sleep 

The illusion takes 









This poem is about: 



I just felt confused and really sad that day (10/ 28/17)

I knew that reality and dream are so familar, but of course and sadly different. 

I just felt that dreaming was just a second life that I'd beleive would save me,

From having a life I'd regret in reality, but I always knew that dreams could 

come true only if you lost all hope to now living life. Basically I'm saying, 

when I die I want to stay in a dream and stil living just not in the "real" world, 

but a world that I can still feel real, nad not a illusion. 

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