Holding On


Surrounded by darkness

The light always burns at night

Gravel crunches underneath the tires as I pull up

I see him standing on the side of the house

Covered half by light and the other half

By darkness.

His shoulders relaxed underneath a simple jacket

I can see a lazy smile and glossy eyes.

I know what comes next

He sees me as I get out of the truck

“…How was your day?”

I don’t think he realizes the day is almost done,

With the twinkling stars

And the moon at its highest peak.

The stomping of his work boots

And keys rattling against his belt

It’s all so loud.

The hug, it’s always the same

The smell of ash mixed with metal

The smell of beer on his breath, so bitter.

As I step back

I see

A dry rough hand gripping

The cigarette all this time

As if it would escape.

I try to make him see it’s late

But his eyes are back to watching the night sky

Holding on to something I can’t see

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My family
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