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You smell so good when you walk by me.
You ignore me and keep walking as you always do.
Your beautifully pressed white coat and shinning shoes
Walk past me kicking some snow in my face.
I see you kissing a man on the cheek so tenderly.
Do you like him? Is that the case?
I resent the fact that you have forgotten about me,
And have replaced me with your big hat and your gloves of lace.
Why have you forgotten about us?
You are looking over at me now.
“I’m sorry sir I have no money to give but I have a snack for your doggy.”
Who can your miserable lies fool?
You should be drowning in a shameful pool.
You have forgotten and I don’t understand.
How could you leave me here cold and wet?
I see you hold his hand now, and your fingers have met.
You destroy my heart and it only gets colder and colder.
Does my tail disgust you? Does my now matted fur revolt you?
If not that then why have you left me and abandoned me?!
As I sit here with this old beggar feeling little to no warmth,
I yearn for the nights I slept at your feet
And the times you caressed my back and my belly.
And I think of the time when the new puppy arrived and you walked me down the street
And threw me a stick,
And when i returned you had left me there.
Why did you do that? It just wasn't fair.


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