I Could Use Someone Right Now

What if i told you i'm not okay?

That i'm depressed.

How would you react?

If I told you I almost killed myself today.

That i took that bottle of nail polish remover and dumped it down the drain

I want nothing more than to reach out to someone

But i don't know how to

I'm scared to.

Wrapped up in my own fear and isolation

Drowning in my own pain

Would you believe me if I told you I was unhappy?

That these smiles are fake?

Can i trust you to take my hand and comfort me?

Tell me it's okay and help me feel better?

I want to trust you 

Because i could really use someone right now.


Someone to take me in there arms

Whisper there condolence in my ear

Run their fingers through my hair

Someone i feel safe with 

But the chipped walls of my bedroom scream the truth

The scars on my arm burn a hole in my heart

There is no one.

No one i can trust with these secrets

No one that can take this burden from me

No one to hold me when I cry.

The only person that will ever be there is myself

But i don't feel strong enough to carry this pain

I just want to be saved.


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I can relate. This sounds like my poem My Hell. Read that, please, just so you know that someone also feels like this. I hope that maybe you find yourself better in the future


i wish i could save you, to take all the pain away. even if it would hurt me more, such a kind, caring person shoulden't have to feel this much pain. if you ever need to tell someone anything, know that im always open to talk, and ill never tell anyone. you nice to me and tried to help so i want to do the same for you. if i could somehow take your pain away i would, like you said before talking helps and im always open if you need me.


thank you guys, that means a lot to me. although nobody will ever be able to take my pain from me just knowing im not alone in the way i feel and that people are there for me makes a difference. thank you. 


I am inlove with this. I am crying while reading this. I feel so "by myself" a lot. Having someone to hold is more than anything as you have said in your poem. Your repetition in the poem speaks louder in each line. In every last verse of the poem, it conveys a better idea of how you feel to me. "I'm scared to", "Anyone", "There is no one", "I just want to be saved". Those are the lines that hit home the most. Thank you for being able to share this with me. It feels good to know that I'm not alone in such a place. It reminds me of my own poem, "Middle Hours". If you have the time, could you read mine.


thank you so much for commenting the feedback means a lot to me. i just want to let you know that your not alone no matter how alone you feel. im glad this poem was able speak to you in such a powerful way. also i searched for your poem but couldn't find it, could you send me a link to it?

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