Dear Future Jeff

Dear Future Jeff,


I have so many questions,

Don’t know where to start.

Are we keeping it together,

Or continuing to fall apart?


Right now, I’m really excited,

Not sure what to say.

I’m trying to make better choices,

So I’m starting school today.


However, I’m deeply disappointed,

Seems like sadness and anger won the race.

I can hardly look in the mirror,

And keep a smile on my face.


My actions have been impulsive,

Some have hurt people in my life.

Please tell me I’m a better person,

Another mistake I won’t survive.


Am I more successful there,

And have I found my niche?

Or am I still a worn out puppet,

That can hardly hold his stitch?


I hope I’m inspiring audiences,

With the movies that I make.

Maybe travelling to new places,

Will bring a smile I cannot fake.


Have I found true love,

With a man who loves me back?

Have I started a career?

One that will keep my dreams on track.


Most of all, am I happy?

God, I really hope this is true.

Never in my life,

Have I come to feel so blue.


I’m focusing on my hopes and dreams,

Keeping them close to my heart.

This is where I’ll close my letter,

And consider this a brand new start.





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I appreciate the rhyme scheme embedded in your poem; it's wonderful

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