The poem of Us

You said you loved me

From the first day that we were together

You said you cared for me

And that you would forever.

Those nights we talked

For hours and hours

Everyday I trusted you

With all my heart's powers.

I cared for you....

More than myself....

But I am now in my own prison

Locked in a small cell.

I won't let anyone love me

Not after that day

Of unbearable pain

I wish to not say.

I hurt myself

For loving you

I thought that when you said you loved me

You wanted me too.

Why did you do this to me?

Hurting me like this

This hurts more than the distance

That me and you used to miss.

All of the words

You used to say to me

They are now just these nightmares

Haunting me with restless dreams

I used to think life was great

With you in the middle of it.

But now it's just torture.....

My heart stabbed with a knife.

You have stolen my soul

And shattered my already broken heart

What is this life for me?

Everything is falling apart.

You were my only best friend

I loved the way you could make me feel

All of the long chats, and now this pain

I can't believe you did this

You are just like the rest

No more lies now

No more looking for the best.

Now there is nothing between us..

I'll go back to being alone

Where no one can hurt me but myself.

No more or no less.

And you can go back to your friends and your social life.

Just forget about me

I'm sure you won't mind,

You'll come across another girl

You've always found them easy to find...

I hope you will be happy

I hope you get through life

Because you won't ever think of me

When in my hand I hold a knife

But why should I hurt myself more than you already have?

You say you didn't mean to

But, that's something I cant believe.

You let me fall back into the godforsaken well

But this time there wasn't anyone there for me.

You made my life the barren land of a broken mind.

You make me feel like a dress is the only thing I will ever be.

There is darkness in my head now

No more of the light you used to put inside

But there is nothing you or anyone else can do to save me,

Because you have decided to leave my side.

And I cant afford to let anyone else in.


I hate you for playing me like a pawn.

But I also hate myself.

Because I still have the nerve to love you...

But don't you dare tell everyone that I'm the monster here because I'm the one who ended it.

Because darling, you ended it the second you turned around.


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Our world


Nicole Rothenberger



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