Friends Who Forget


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Well I know what I need.
And that need is to sleep.
And just as I begin to drift my thoughts began to creep.
That's when I lose it.
The hurtfull things they say bother me more than I'd like to admit.
So the tears flow.
I just let them go, knowing tommorow will be the same.
They don't see, what they're doing to me.
They're suppost to be the ones who care.
The few people who are always there.
But I just take it, and don't say a word.
All my silent protests left unheard.
There's no pont in saying what doesn't need to be said.
All I can do is start walking away shaking my head.
And when I finally speak up, you say I'm spastic.
I give in, painless and quick.
It's not worth my time to stand here and argue.
Since this is nothing new.
Just forget that I ever said anything.
'Cause as I lay here I still feel your words sharp sting.
But oh well.
This isnt a subject on which to dwell.
Just let it go.
Greet them tommorow with a pleasant , "Hello"

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I like the endrhyme scheme, as well as the peppering of internal rhymes--like "flow," "go," and "tomorrow" in lines 6 and 7. I found myself asking who "they" are as I read this--obviously, as the title suggests, they are friends, but I can't help but wonder what they are like. Consider adding some detail about them and your interactions with them to help lend some specificity to this poem.

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