my love

heres to you

i can pretend that i am not lying here heart broken

that im not listening to music on repeat and sobbing into my blankets

i can pretend it doesnt hurt

i can cover you up with a million different men, of different worlds, of different hybrids

you never marked me, yet i feel your prescense deep in my body

my skin craves you

my lips want to taste you

of course youre bad for me,

of course you make me bleed and break and cry when im with you

but being apart from you feels like

ive lost some part of myself

and i guess ive come to the point

where id rather feel pain,

than nothing at all

cause my heart is shattered,

yet you picked up the pieces and threaded it into a bracelet

wore me on your wrists inside and out every day

and i know this hurts you, too

but we can pretend

that both of us are ok

in the end,

were both just fuck ups,

waiting for our time to come



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