Family is Forever?

My family and I have been through some rough times, but them kicking me out is the worst part
They left me confused, feeling unwanted and with a broken heart
I'm going to have to find new ways to let all of this pain out
They're always telling me that I have nothing to be depressed about
If only they could see what was going on inside of my head
It's the kind of stuff that would make it hard for them to go to bed.
They never hesitated to make me feel horrible about myself
They could care less if what they're doing to me is affecting my health.
My own grandma, the one who raised me, the one who I call "mom"
She's the one who hurt me the most and made me feel like I didn't belong
I dont know how much hurt and sadness that one person can endure
I though that family was forever and now I've never been so unsure
I'm really grateful and glad that alongside me, I'll always have my dad
No matter how ugly things get, I know that he'll never turn his back
He could always help me see the light when everything was pitch black.

This poem is about: 
My family


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