It's a Silent Crisis

Dear Future,

Did you know that people die from sadness everyday? How simple, how short, but so very haunting. The world is ending from our cruelty. We ask for forgivness and beg for the sins to dissapear but in reality our hands are still stained black. We spew hate and disrespect plainly because we are insecure and unloving. The hostility that seeps from our footsteps is daunting. The world is ending.  

One person effects a tribe of people. Sadness is a disease that spreads faster than an illness. It is an infection of the mind that kills it's inhabitants. We are what casues sadness. Our violence makes greif soar throughout the universe. And it kills us all. The dismal actions of us people causes gloomy words and broken language. I'm sorry to say but the world is ending.

Poor future, you have collapsed. The structure of the world was beaten down and dismembered by its own society. You are a hopeless want, to need you would be unforgiving. The sadness that thrives in our world has killed you. So now it's not just a person, but an eternity, the people are all gone. 

Please change us. Make us right again. Let happiness bloom again. Our future is nonexistent with all the sadness today. 




This poem is about: 
Our world


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