Last Day

My last day of summer.

There's such a bitter sweet feeling to this day.

There's a couple different ways to look at it:

As I called it;

The last day of summer

the last day of 4am phone calls

the last day of swimming any day and every day

the last day junk food and sleeping in til noon

the last day of wasting my time on plottless movies and careless cuddles and kisses and love.

the very. last. day. 

the last day of the acceptable carelessness that the sweet hot summer unfallibly brings to me

every year. 


But it's also the first day of school. 

The first day of jumping into that comfortable routine

first day of turning into the sponge for knowlege I've always been

first day of returning to all those shallow faces and menial small talk

the first day of homework, and projects and stress and sleepless nights and sleeping pills and cold winters and rain that bites and dull hair and pale skin and split ends...

first day of flakey face makeup chapped lips and dark circles... 

the first day of a living hell...

I can't wait

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