The pain I always hide,

I just keep it bundled up,

I wont let it show,

I wont take much more,

But I can not let him go,

And all these things I say,

Im just lying here,

With no one to hear my cries,

I think of a place to go, to hide,

The love I feel,

Everything I thought was real,

It has all been thrown away,

How can I go on?

Everything is just so wrong,

I am waiting for someone to save me,

Will I even let them in?

I have found out life is not perfect,

It is definitly not worth it,

Not worht everything I am giving away,

My broken soul is bleeding,

You see right through me,

But helplessly watch me fall apart,

You try to pull me away,

And help me out of our emotions,

But I am to lost within them,

You ask if I am giving up,

I honestly do not know,

I think I am,

Why shouldmt I?

I have tried so hard,

Wanted so much,

Theres nothing left of me,

Im a zombie,

Who am I?

I am lost inside my mind,

Searching for what I want,

I am to broken to see clearly,

I am unfixable now,

I have given up,

Happiness for me is gone. 



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